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Accessibility of digital services and services for persons with disabilities during the war in Ukraine and in the period of recovery and post-war reconstruction

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About the project

Due to the full-scale invasion of the enemy, thousands of Ukrainians are injured every day with varying severity. Most of them will remain disabled for the rest of their lives and will not be able to use services and facilities that are not adapted to their needs. In the age of digitalization, we only need to make a few clicks to get a service. But not everyone can do this, because many websites of government agencies, organizations, or businesses are not adapted. People who are in the greatest need of support - legal, psychological, financial, or otherwise - cannot get it because "the site does not work," "the font is too small," "ads are constantly flashing," "there is no alternative text or subtitles," and so on.

The goal of the Institute of Innovative Governance is to adapt the websites of organizations and companies that provide any kind of support to all those affected by the war.

The initiative is supported by the UNDP project "Promotion of Human Security in Ukraine through Responding to the Multidimensional Crisis Caused by the War" with the financial support of the Government of Japan.

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Let's make Ukraine inclusive and accessible for everyone!

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About the Institute of Innovative Governance

Team of the Institute of Innovative Governance
The team of the Institute of Innovative Governance at the conference Artificial Intelligence and Propaganda
Anna Mysyshyn speaks at the conference on safe and inclusive digital development in Ukraine
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The Institute of Innovative Governance is a think tank and non-governmental organization that works to develop inclusive digital democracy and governance, as well as protect digital rights in Ukraine. Since 2017, we have implemented more than 20 projects in Ukraine, the EU, and the Eastern Partnership countries and engaged more than a thousand people in their implementation. The main areas of our activity are digital accessibility, e-governance, personal data protection and cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and disinformation.

Our team has developed the first web checker in Ukraine that checks whether digital resources comply with the international WCAG 2.1 criteria. We actively advocate the issue of web accessibility to local governments, the government, businesses, the public, and international partners. Since then, we have helped Ukrainian companies, organizations, and authorities to adapt their web resources. Our experts have already conducted more than 50 trainings and hundreds of consultations on digital accessibility.

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